Web Design with HTML and CSS



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You have a personal tutor in the Digital Classroom

If you want expert instruction that fits into your schedule, Digital Classroom delivers. Experts guide you through 12 lessons, helping you learn essential Web design skills at your own speed. Full-color, step-by-step instructions in the book are enhanced with samples and materials on digitalclassroombooks.com. With Digital Classroom, you have your own private instructor showing you the easiest way to learn Web design.

  • See how planning, prototyping, and wireframing benefit your site

  • Explore navigation design and user experience design

  • Format layouts and text using CSS

  • Master the fundamentals of HTML and XHTML

  • Make the most of graphics, video, and interactive design

  • Discover how to test browsers for compatibility

  • Learn to design sites that are optimized for mobile devices

About the Author

The AGI Creative Team develops and delivers training programs for creative, marketing, and communications professionals through the American Graphics Institute.

نظر شما درباره این کتاب/فروشنده آن

Web Design with HTML and CSS

نظر شما درباره این کتاب/فروشنده آن


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